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MCM Engineering is one of the firms in its field in Turkey which conducts the most innovative R&D efforts. It is working in a systematic way with the R&D centre it established and with the accredited test centre located in the factory, it is able to measure the effect and performance of many thermodynamic components such as humidity, temperature and flow rate on the units produced.

The simulation studies are, not only experimental analyses for the air quality of the greenhouses, but also works on highly specific methods for the re-use of chemical fluids such as solvents, which have to absorbed from the exhaust air.

The R&D engineering team also supports training and accreditations to become EATON's 11th ex-proof dealer in Europe. Thus,aiming to become the first firm in Turkey to produce ex-proof panels for gas and petrol plants with combustible-explosive features.

The R&D team conducts all designs with a standard methodology within their own processes, long research hours and field tests are extensively implemented before production begins.

Our engineers who have been working on humidity control in seedlings and medical cannabis greenhouses, recently managed to commercialise smart “Greenhouse Air Handling Units” and “Smart Humidity control units” that works with electricity and/or natural gas/LNG.