Approximately 40% of MCM Engineering's employees are engineers and to a large extent they have been providing services to projects abroad. MCM Engineering prepares all of its projects in 3D, by doing so, errors even in the smallest details are prevented.

The project team is working extensively on the project together with our customers and field engineers after the contract. This leads to an almost perfect production to supply to assembly process at the planning stage.

Our supervisory technical team appointed for each project continuously report to our customers during the field application. Their periodical presence during the application prevents many misapplications so that construction sites can continue without serious interruptions or pauses.

The field engineers with the project tracking system provide service to our customers in process management which covers the whole project and includes dozens of sub-processes. This ensures that every development can be seen instantly. Project and job site management, which is in fact completely a matter of collaboration and coordination, can be carried out easily and comprehensively by the special project software. Project and field engineers, who have mastered hundreds of details, can provide perfect reporting and feedback.